Demo download - Android

The Android demo should work on all devices with Android version 2.2 and later, as long as they have audio recording and playback, Internet access and a touchscreen. Please remember to download the course using your mobile phone, not your computer.

Download demo for Android

When you have clicked on "Download" and the download is completed a small arrow will appear on top of the display screen of many handsets. It must be dragged down in order to see the icon of the demo course.

Now click "Install".

Click "Open". The app will now open. Now please proceed to the course menu and select the language you wish to learn. Then the training can begin.

We recommend that you spend some time recording your own voice, playing it back and comparing your pronunciation with that of the teachers. You might even try a couple of more languages before you go on.

Here is how to buy a full course from inside the demo app:

  1. Click on the cart at the left hand side of the course interface.
  2. A frame pops up inviting you to open a So to Speak account. Click OK.
  3. The next frame asks you to enter your e-mail adress and a password. Enter them and click "Send".
  4. Go to your e-mail account and confirm your Sotospeak account by clicking on "confirm" in the e-mail you have received in the meantime.
  5. The messages "Logged in" and "Welcome" will appear in the window. Click OK.
  6. You will now get three choices: "Enter code", "Go to web site" and "Post the link". If you do not already have a code go to the web site, continue to the shop and to "Buy course".
  7. Fill in the empty fields and continue to PayPal. Complete the purchase. You will now get your code.
  8. Click "Enter code" on your handset, enter the code and click OK.
  9. The course opens at Stage 1. After having read the introductions your are ready to start learning.

A brief description of the demos and the learning method.

There are 3 sentences included from each course - one from the beginning of the course, one from the middle and one from the end. Each sentence is available in 3 kinds of exercises from the 3 stages of the course.

In the first stage you will focus on listening to the sentences and filling in the blanks in the text version on the screen. This will force you to listen carefully for the specific sounds that you need to learn and it is the key to training your brain to recognize them. You will have both a male and a female speaker voice saying each sentence. You will also train on repeating the sentence a few times, to further strengthening the learning effect.

In the second stage you will repeat the sound recognition at a higher level of difficulty. Since you learned all the sounds in the first stage, each letter in the written sentence is blank, and you need to fill them in based on what you hear. Furthermore, you will start training speech. You will play the sentence and then record yourself repeating what the speaker voice says. Then you do a playback to compare yourself to the speaker voice. You repeat this at least 10 times for each sentence, until it sounds perfect.

In the third stage you will repeat the listening exercise once again, but this time you just get a box for each word to enter. You also repeat the speech exercise. However, the focus of the stage is on understanding. You will have seen translations of the sentences in the earlier stages, but now you get more materials to work with. You get a word-for-word translation of the sentence, helping you to get a feeling for the structure of the language you are learning.

All in all, the course will teach you about 700 words, most of which will be very common ones. They will be in your active vocabulary since you have worked a lot on training each one of them. This is not enough to be fluent in the language, but it is a very good start. You will be able to quickly pick up new words by more traditional methods, like reading, listening to the radio or speaking to people.

You can also dowload the demo from Google Play. Start the Play app on the phone and do a search for sotospeak.


The JME version works on many phone models using the Symbian OS and some others that implement the Java Mobile Environment. For instance, the application has been tested on a large number of Nokia s/40 and s/60 models. Unfortunately there are hundreds of models with poor standardization. This means that you will need to try out our demo to see if it works on your phone. If you can download, install and run the app, successfully completing the first exercise, you can trust the whole application to work properly. You need to make sure the text renders properly, that you can record your own voice and that audio playback works.

The app is unsigned and will install as an untrusted app on your phone.

Download demo for JME (unsigned)

You may need to tweak the security settings for the app to silence warnings about network connections and recordings.